CallMed. Alcohol detoxification at home

Did you drink too much alcohol? Do you feel uncomfortable going out or working? CallMed can offer you a solution – alcohol detoxification at home!
Detoxification therapy is a procedure to cleanse the body of toxins accumulated as a result of alcohol abuse.
The alcohol detoxification procedure at your home is convenient and effective. This is a real relief! At CallMed, a team of emergency physicians is on duty non-stop to expedite your recovery. Dripper, individual materials, special medicines – all of these are used to get rid of your hangover. The patient gets better already during the drip. The signs of improvement of the condition are already manifested from the first hours after the administration of the treatment, and signs of recovery are visible at the end of the detoxification treatment.

Alcohol detoxification treatment can be recommended by the doctor – 1-2 times a day for 1-5 days, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. In case of aggravation of the situation, the hospitalization of the patient in a specialized institution is indicated.


Medical assistance for alcohol detox can be requested by calling the short telephone number 14112 or 0 (22) 276587 // NON-STOP!