CallMed. Our team.

Experience from day one.

What makes us different? We believe that experience in the medical sector and basic knowledge count from the first day of a project. Our deep understanding of the process, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset and extensive medical know-how accumulated over the decades, makes us a competent partner and allows us to focus on basic topics and issues from the very beginning.

At present, we support our clients with a complex team, made up of qualified staff with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Our goal is to provide professional health care. Our reliability and dedication have been confirmed for years through successful cooperation with our patients. From the first day, we ensure guaranteed control over commercial and medical operations.


Professional experience is an important asset for our team!


Top management


Alexei Casapciuc
General Manager


Medical management



Liudmila Russu
Department head



Valentin Casapciuc
Deputy Medical Director



Cornelia Pereteatca
Superior Dispatcher


Department of Economics, Finance and Human Resources


Galina Dvornic
Chief accountant