CallMed. Specialist consultations and medical care

Doctor / Home Assistant

Consultation of CallMed specialists at home in Chisinau is a service for children and adults, which is highly valued by our customers for many years. Such healthcare has been created for patients who do not want or have the opportunity to go to the hospital every time they need medical advice.

Our doctors are ready to solve the medical problem of patients at home in the comfort of their home. The advantage is the examination of patients in a familiar environment, which reduces the stress of traveling to a medical institution and reduces the risk of infection by interacting with other patients.
In order to come up with a professional medical consultation and home care service, we have a fleet of specially equipped ambulances with which the specialist doctors are sent on request.
CallMed Chisinau Private Ambulance Center within the consultation and home care service offers you the following:

  • Specialized medical consultations (internal medicine, pediatrics, pneumology, orthopedics, neurology, minor surgery, urology, ENT, etc.),
    Investigations: blood pressure measurement (BP), electrocardiograms (EKG),
  • Collection of biological samples for laboratory analysis (blood, urine, faeces, pus, etc.)
  • Installation of branula for the administration of intravenous treatments or infusion solutions;
  • Installation and / or replacement of urinary catheters;
  • Administration of injectable treatments (intramuscular, intradermal, subcutaneous, intravenous injections, infusions);
  • Changing dressings, drain bags, colostomy bags;
  • Enema for evacuation purposes;
  • Removing sutures, caring for bedsores;
  • Medical supervision (including oxygen therapy);

Scheduling a specialist visit at home can be requested Non-Stop by calling the short telephone number 14112 or 0 (22) 276587.

“We bring health to your home”