CallMed. Medical technology

Our high-performance medical and technical equipment

Thanks to sophisticated medical technology, these high-performance ambulances can transport patients 24 hours a day. Thus, all the vital functions of the patient can be monitored and supported “from bed to bed” without interruption.

Medicine keeps up with the times and we must be prepared for any situation. Therefore, our cars are equipped with the latest technology – including advanced special technology. Our task is to be prepared for various unpredictable situations.

The medical equipment of the installed CallMed Ambulance Service meets the modern requirements of intensive care in emergency medicine. Ambulances – have all the necessary equipment and are always equipped with the latest medical technology.

  • Hamilton T1 Intensive Care Fan is a powerful intensive care ventilator with an electronically controlled pneumatic ventilation system with an integrated air compression system. Ventilator maintains positive pressure ventilation for adults and children, volume-controlled ventilation (VC, IPPV, CPPV, sIPPV, SIMV), pressure-controlled ventilation (PC, BiPAP, BiLevel), artificial pressure lung ventilation (CPAP, ASB , PS), non-invasive ventilation (NIV), reverse airway ventilation (IRV)
    !!! The device operates without additional oxygen with the help of a turbine up to FiO2 0.2 (the same air that surrounds us).
  • Drager Oxylog 3000 Plus with CO2 as a backup fan
  • Physio Control Lifepak 12 Biphasic Defibrillator with Multifunction
  • Monitor, 12 Channel ECG, Percutaneous Pacemaker, NIBP, 2 Channel IBP, SpO2, CO2
  • Philips Intellivue Vital Function Monitor Monitor
  • Portable device for blood analysis OPTI-CCA-TS Blood Gas Analyzer with blood analysis system with measured parameters; pH, Na +, Glu, pCO2, K +, Lake, pO2, Ca ++, Krea, Hkt, Cl-, plus calculated values
  • BBraun Perfuser Space Perfusers
  • BBraun Infusomat Space Infusion Pump
  • Injectomat TIVA Agilia®
  • Accuvac Pro – Suction pumps
  • Refrigerators and heating cabinets
  • 12V and 230V power supply, Sine wave inverter with which 230V devices can be operated at any time
  • Sufficient medical oxygen, compressed air
  • The Kartsana Pover electric stretcher is equipped with a hydraulic lifting and lowering system with an autonomous oxygen source, as well as special supports for mounting intensive care medical devices.