Medical transport for newborns

Health and care for children

Neonatal assisted transportation requires special attention to children who need it. The transport of newborns is carried out safely and professionally by the CallMed service.

Specialized team

The assisted medical transport service of newborns in Moldova is performed by a resuscitation team, which includes a neonatologist, a nurse and doctors from other fields, if the indications require it.

Proper equipment

CallMed uses special, high-quality equipment for the medical care of newborns. Babies are transported in a modern and comfortable resuscitation. The baby is placed in an incubator specially designed for the medical transport of newborns, including in serious condition. It is heated by convection, provides high concentration oxygen, is equipped with monitoring systems, aspiration of secretions, artificial ventilation of the lungs.

Increased attention

Before the start of neonatal transport, the neonatologist assesses the child’s condition and determines the child’s chances of successful transport, even if it needs to be transported to a specialist clinic in Europe or the CIS countries. The transport of newborns begins after everything is prepared very carefully (the functionality of all monitors is thoroughly checked, catheters and tubes are well fixed).
Throughout the transport, the accompanying doctors monitor the heart rate, respiration, regularly measure blood pressure and body temperature, pulse oximetry and electrocardiogram. The professionals who work in the CallMed service know the price of each child’s life. Therefore, during the transportation of newborns, we use all our knowledge, experience, care and responsibility to ensure that they are delivered safely and as soon as possible to the clinic where they will receive appropriate medical care.


Medical transport is requested by calling the telephone number 14112 or +373 (22) 276587.