Assisted medical transport of patients on the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Patient care

We measure care for patients through the quality of medical and transportation services provided, but also through the attention we pay to the patient’s health. The private ambulance service provides full medical assistance services. Assisted medical transport consists in transporting the patient with the help of medical staff specialized in ambulances equipped with all the necessary equipment depending on the condition of the patient in any locality of the republic.

Performant equipment
The safety and comfort of transport from a medical point of view is ensured by the crew present in the ambulance, mechanical ventilation devices, monitoring devices, medical and resuscitation kits, oxygen sources, vacuum mattresses, air conditioning systems, etc.

The experience
The teams of the CallMed Ambulance Service have a vast experience – for over 20 years in the field of assisted medical transport on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, as well as abroad.

Prompt intervention
The reception of requests is coordinated non-stop by our dispatchers. Prompt intervention and efficiency in providing transportation – these are the two advantages of the CallMed Service. Therefore, we can provide you with medically assisted transportation according to your individual needs.


Transporting the patient to the airport and meeting after the AVIA flight

If you have chosen a plane as a means of transport, and travel to your home or hospital requires special conditions, then our company is committed to providing assisted medical transport of the patient to Chisinau International Airport directly on board the plane. The movement of ambulances on the track requires the provision of special documentation. CallMed is able to efficiently and quickly prepare all documents for boarding or greeting the patient at the airport with a toilet equipped with everything you need according to your needs.

Other services

  • to investigations laboratory analyzes, CT, MRI, ultrasounds, dental interventions,
  • to a hospital or clinic where he is to be admitted,
  • for procedures such as dialysis or chemotherapy,
  • to or from nursing homes,
  • at gypsum removal hospitals,
  • at home after discharge from hospital,
  • transfer between patients or clinics,
  • at the monastery or church,
  • transport of people to film, theater, museums, concerts, etc. This type of service can be requested by a patient, a relative or the attending physician. Schedules for transportation are made in advance and it is necessary to specify the day, date, time.
For more details you can call the short phone number 14112 or 0 (22) 276587.


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