Repatriation and Medical Assisted Transport in Europe, Asia and CIS countries

“We’re getting to where we’re expected to be!”



CallMed has been transporting patients across Europe and the CIS countries for more than 20 years. Our clients are insurance companies and individuals. We provide fast, safe and high quality transport for all categories of patients. Our machines are equipped with high-tech equipment, and our professional and friendly medical staff takes care of the patient’s physical and moral condition on the road. With our technical and medical equipment, we are ready for transportation of any complexity. We will take the patient home or to the hospital, airport or other countries in our comfortable and well-equipped ambulances.
We offer you quality medical care and we guarantee you professional services, comfortable and safe transport!

“Hope for life!”

Health plays a very important role for all of us, and sometimes treatment abroad increases life expectancy. Under these conditions, the CallMed team welcomes patients, offering them assisted medical transport services to any suitable medical clinic. Before going on a trip, the ambulances are technically checked and additionally equipped with equipment adapted to the patient’s needs.

Latest generation equipment

Our stretcher (stretcher) is equipped with almost all the equipment present in an Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit to stabilize the condition of the patient in need of emergency medical care. As for medical technology, we are constantly updating the medical equipment, which is why we are sometimes more modern. We are equipped with a Kartsana Power Brava ambulance stretcher, which is an electro-hydraulic one with an electric height adjustment system, which guarantees the patient maximum comfort and safety when ascending and descending.

«When we go together, the road won’t seem too long»