CallMed. Mobile Intensive Care - Intersospital Transfer

Access to health

Another area of activity of the CallMed service is the inter-hospital transfer of severe patients who require continuous intensive care, including mechanical ventilation of patients. Complex cases that include intensive care require a professional approach. This is a challenge that our doctors face every day when providing medical transport from one hospital to another. Despite the fact that we strive for fast and cost-effective transport, the safety of “bed-to-bed” transport is our main concern.

When every minute counts

We respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies. The decision to transport the patient is made by the doctor in charge of the hospital who transfers the patient with the prior consent of the family, after obtaining the acceptance for transfer from the hospital that will receive the patient. At the request of the relatives, the CallMed mobile intensive care team intervenes promptly and efficiently with all the necessary support to transfer the patient. Inform the family about the patient’s condition, the risks and potential benefits of the transfer.

Medical Assisted Transportation Logistics

We coordinate the entire logistics, ie the entire transport process. This includes working together between the clinic where it is located the patient prepared for the transfer and the clinic receiving this patient. Sometimes it may be necessary to take certain measures stabilization of the patient’s condition to be interpreted by the CallMed team at his bedside so that he can be transported with minimal risk to life. In this way, all the vital functions of the patient can be monitored and maintained “from bed to bed”. without interruptions. No transport starts before these key moments are coordinated.

You are sure to travel to your destination

Our modern ambulances are comparable to a mobile intensive care unit equipped for safe transport over both short and long distances. In some cases, an ambulance is preferable to air travel. We work with the best doctors and nurses with a specialization adapted to your situation. The CallMed team can assess and stabilize the patient’s condition and assess which is the best and safest method of transportation.

We take care of all land transport imaginable by ambulance, regardless of whether it is medical transport in the most difficult conditions of intensive care.”


We save lives!