CallMed. Our company

Since the establishment of our company in 1999, we have set the highest standards.
In 2000, one of the first private medical institutions, the CallMed Multifunctional Clinic, was inaugurated in the city of Chisinau. Together with the best professionals in the field of gynecology, urology, general surgery, neurology – for 20 years we have created an integrated system of patient care offering quality and passion.

As of November 1, 2002, the list of services provided has expanded with the establishment of the first private ambulance service in the Republic of Moldova. Quality, reliability and patient satisfaction are our major goals. Saving lives and contributing to maintaining and restoring health is a top priority for the CallMed Team. For many years we have been working in the field of emergency service, medical ambulance transport of patients and medical logistics at the highest level. Despite being equipped with the most modern technologies, our employees are the most important capital of our company. For us, performance means teamwork, and our team knows how to work. When it comes to human life, they often go beyond their limits. Our customers trust our friendly and competent staff!

“CallMed offers the highest quality services, because every emergency medical intervention performed contains, in addition to Professionalism and Experience, a lot of Dedication, Passion and Love for the Patient.”

CallMed. Our achievements
Figures and facts

  • For over 20 years, 15 ambulances with teams of specialists have been at your disposal non-stop. During this time I gained a rich experience.
  • Tens of thousands of people have called CallMed.
  • I have traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers with CallMed Ambulances locally / nationally / internationally.
  • Dozens of patients have been transported abroad for investigation and treatment.
  • Hundreds of people were repatriated home from abroad: Hungary, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, etc..
  • Tens of thousands of patients were satisfied with the way they were treated
  • We are an exclusive operator in repatriations on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
  • The Romanian private health insurance companies and the Russian Federation have chosen us as the exclusive provider for the repatriation of foreign patients or citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Various services
The ambulance service in Chisinau provides medical transport to patients (including those in serious condition) in Moldova, Europe, Asia, as well as in the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.).
We also offer emergency medical services, medical transport of patients for investigations to specialized diagnostic centers, hospitals, the train station and the airport – and on board the aircraft if necessary.
Through the emergency department we provide medical assistance to competitions and events of any kind.

Prompt intervention
Speed ​​of intervention and efficiency of healthcare – these are the two advantages of the CallMed Private Ambulance Service.

The experience
Our teams have extensive experience in the field of medical transport, both domestically and internationally.
Thanks to the medical professional experience gained over the years, it allows us to build a better world through high quality medical services.

The CallMed Ambulance Service works with individuals and legal entities, insurance companies in the country and abroad.

Our daily motivation is to help you!