CallMed. Our car park

We have an extensive fleet of ambulances specially equipped to transport patients, including intensive care and medical care at the highest level. Since 2002, the CallMed Private Ambulance Service has been under constant development and equipment. Today we have 15 high-performance Mercedes Benz Sprinter ambulances that make it possible to carry out the missions of urgent medical care and medical transport in the best conditions in any corner of the world. We have four intensive care vehicles, including for the care of newborns, so that we can transfer patients to the intensive care units of different hospitals. If necessary, all these ambulances can be equipped with a special incubator for the safe transport of newborns.


“Sincerely, for patients!”


Our great achievement is the purchase of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519 CDI Blue Tec Ambulance with C-body van type, which was purchased by us in September 2020 from Germany.

When purchasing this state-of-the-art ambulance, the emphasis was on ensuring the quality of medical care, comfort and safety of the patient during medical transport both over short distances and over long distances.

This Ambulance also stands out for its imposing dimensions: height: 2.95 m, length: 7.20 m, width: 2.65 m, total weight: 5.0 t. It is the first ambulance of this type in the city of Chisinau with air suspension and only one at this time and in such a version throughout the Republic of Moldova.

“Whether the transport is local, national or international – we will definitely take you to your destination”